About us

The PRE Group with its registered office in Prague and approx. 690,000 consumption points is the third largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic. Currently it employs about 1,370 employees; in 2012 it supplied to its customers approx. 6.3 TWh of electricity on all voltage levels.

In accordance with their motto "Convenient Energy for You" all entities of the PRE Group consider reliable supply of electricity to all customers in their respective supply territory as their priority task. Fundamental activities of the company are focused on the sale of electricity, trading with electricity, electricity distribution and auxiliary energy services.

History of PRE's close connection with Prague - which has 1.2 million inhabitants - dates back to 1897, when the company called Electrical Works of the Royal City of Prague was founded; at that time the company's task was the supply of electricity, as well as providing for street lighting and operation of tramways. Over the years this enterprise gradually developed into a modern, customer-focused company, which is aware of its social as well as environmental responsibility.