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Who we are

We are a stable and prosperous energy Group with a longstanding tradition and a significant trader in energies on the Czech market.

The PRE Group with its approx. 680,000 consumption points is the third largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic. Currently it employs 1,450 employees; in 2016 it supplied to its customers about 6.2 TWh of electricity on all voltage levels and it achieved total consolidated net profit in the amount of MCZK 2,750. Sales, trading in electricity and gas on the whole territory of the Czech Republic, electricity distribution, its generation and complementary energy services rank among the PRE Group’s principal activities. The PRE Group´s profile is presented as a reliable provision of a broad spectrum of services allowing it to fulfil its strategic vision of being a strong and important energy group in the Czech Republic.

By a reliable and high quality energy supplies we want to increase the number of our satisfied customers. In addition, we want to make our shareholders happy with good financial results and create such a working environment for our employees so they are honoured to be part of the PRE Group.

Long History

The history of a close link between PRE and Prague is dating back to the year 1897 when Elektrické podniky Královského hlavního města Prahy (Electrical Works of the Royal Capital City of Prague) was established. The task of this Company was, apart from electricity supply, also electric lighting in the streets and operation of trams. Over the years this entity has developed into a modern customer-orientated company which is aware of its social and environmental responsibility. Besides meeting the abovementioned tasks, PRE actively tackles the challenges of the liberalised market and is a supporter of free competition in the energy sector.

PRE and its Subsidiaries (PRE Group)

The PRE Group consists of the parent company, Pražská energetika, a. s., and its subsidiaries: PREdistribuce, a. s., PREměření, a. s., eYello CZ, k. s., KORMAK Praha a. s. and KORMAK nemovitosti s. r. o.

The PRE Group is a stable and prosperous energy group with a long tradition. Among the PRE Group’s core activities are the sales of and trading in electricity and gas throughout the Czech Republic, distribution of electricity on the territory of the Capital City of Prague, generation of electricity from renewable sources and energy services. The PRE Group is the holder of an almost one hundred and twenty year tradition of supplying the Capital City of Prague with electricity. The history of Pražská Energetika dates right back to 1897, when as part of the Elektrické podniky královského hlavního města Prahy (Electricity Works of the Royal Capital City of Prague) the foundations were laid for the Prague public electrical energy network.

Pražská energetika, a. s., is the electricity and gas trader on the wholesale market in the Czech Republic and is one of the biggest electricity and gas suppliers operating throughout the Czech Republic. It sells it to almost seven hundred thousand customers.

PREdistribuce, a. s., was established on 7 September 2005. Since January 2006 it has been an Energy Regulatory Office licence holder for the distribution of electricity on the territory of the Capital City of Prague and Roztoky. On this territory, it ensures the safe and stable operation of the distribution network and guarantees the quality supply of electricity of top European standard.

PREměření, a. s., was incorporated on 1 July 1998. It provides an extensive spectrum of energy services, metering services and is also an operator of renewable energy sources.

eYello CZ, k. s., is the legal successor of PREleas, a. s., established in 1996. It offers electricity and gas under the YELLO ENERGY brand to customers of households and small businesses segment throughout the Czech Republic. eYello is a reliable partner of its customers and thanks to its attractive products and services, it creates a strong position on the field of alternative energy suppliers.

KORMAK Praha a. s. is the youngest member of the PRE Group. Its core activity is the design and construction of energy network structures – transformer stations and line structures of LV, HV and VHV. The company has been actively operating on the market since January 1995.

KORMAK nemovitosti s. r. o. is the owner of real estate and provides rents and services entailing the renting of this real estate.

Pražská energetika, a.s., ID (Reg.) No.: 601 93 913, as the controlling entity and PREdistribuce, a.s., ID (Reg.) No.: 273 76 516, PREměření, a.s., ID (Reg.) No.: 256 77 063, eYello CZ, k.s., ID (Reg.) No.: 250 540 40, KORMAK Praha a.s., ID (Reg.) No.: 48592307, and KORMAK nemovitosti s.r.o., ID (Reg.) No.:, as the controlled entities, jointly form the business concern. The control of Pražská energetika, a.s. with regard to PREdistribuce, a.s. as the distribution system operator is enforced within the scope of the permitted mandatory provisions of Section 25a of Act No. 458/2000 Coll. (Energy Act) as amended.

PRE Group – structure:

The PRE Group structure


Guarantee of Quality and Ethical Approach

Basic Data

Company Pražská energetika, a. s.
Legal form Joint stock company, entered to the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File number 2405, statement from the Commercial Register
Date of foundation 1.1.1994
Registered office Na Hroudě 1492/4, Prague 10 - Vršovice, PCN 100 05
ID No. 60193913
Tax ID CZ60193913
Main line of business Trading in electricity and gas
Bank details ČSOB, a.s., Radlická 333/150, Prague 5, PCN 150 57
Account number 4001-0900109423/0300
This account is not used to pay for energy! You can find more information on invoice payments on our Bank details page
Correspondence and telephone contacts Na Hroudě 1492/4, Prague 10–Vršovice, PCN 100 05
Telephone 267 051 111
PRE Call Centre 800 550 055
E-mail pre@pre.cz