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Policy of environmental protection, safety and energy saving of the PRE Group

The PRE  Group is a stable and prosperous energy group with a long-standing tradition. Its history dates back to the end of the 19th century when the foundations were laid for the Prague public electricity network and in 1897 the Elektrické podniky královského hlavního města Prahy (Electricity Works of the Royal Capital City of Prague) – the predecessor of today’s Pražská energetika, were established. Among the core activities of the PRE Group are electricity and gas trading throughout the Czech Republic, distribution of electricity in the area of the Capital City of Prague and the town of Roztoky, development and restoration of distribution networks, generation of electricity from renewable resources and energy services.

The PRE Group is a modern company which is aware of its responsibility to the environment, energy saving, occupational health and safety and professes the principles of sustainable development. In this area we continuously and over the long-term adopt a whole number of measures to reduce the negative impact of our business on the environment, used sources of energy and measures to reduce the risks to the OHSAS of our employees.

We motivate our employees to save energy and reduce the consumption of fuels, optimise the consumption of electricity and heat in our buildings. We have a functional system of sorting and collection of hazardous and other waste at our workplaces. We are working with our employees to reduce specific risks at their workplaces.

We demonstrate our interest in the environment by getting energy from renewable resources, promoting and introducing alternative means of transport as part of electromobility, and actively participating in SMART CITY projects.

We remove the risks of contamination of surface and ground waters by transformer oil, reduce noise pollution and promote electricity from renewable resources.

We remove the risks of contamination of surface and ground waters by transformer oil, reduce noise pollution and promote electricity from renewable resources.

In the PRE Group we have defined the following commitments for which individual companies provide resources, access information and are a framework for achieving objectives:

  • maintain legal and related requirements in all areas of environmental protection, energy saving, occupational health and safety; devote maximum attention to new regulations and apply these,
  • sound handling of hazardous substances, ensure the competence of employees handling these substances,
  • educate employees to save energy and economical use of motor vehicles,
  • by system of sharing information and education to increase the awareness of employees about the contributions and need for health and environmental protection, the importance of energy saving and reducing the energy demands of newly constructed/renovated parts of the distribution network and also buildings,
  • strive to constantly improve the level of environmental protection, occupational health and safety and reduce the energy demands of processes and avoid environmental damage and pollution, and harm to health,
  • steer our suppliers towards respecting this policy, demand and control approach of suppliers to occupational health and safety, environmental protection and energy management.

Prague, 10 April 2018


Ing. Pavel Elis
Managing Director
Pražská energetika, a.s.


Ing. Milan Hampl
Managing Director
PREdistribuce, a.s.

Ing. Aleš Staněk
Managing Director
PREměření, a.s.

Ing. Roman Kronus
Managing Director
PREzákaznická, a.s.

Ing. Michal Kulig
Managing Director
eYello CZ, k.s.

Ing. Tomáš Kocourek
Managing Director
KORMAK Praha a.s

Ing. Petr Dvořák
Managing Director
PREnetcom, a.s.