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PRE Group Environmental Protection Policy

Companies of the PRE Group, Pražská energetika, a.s. and PREdistribuce, a.s. provide supplies of electricity to customers on the territory of the Capital City of Prague and Roztoky u Prahy. They supply electricity to more than 2,150 large customers and over 720 thousand small and medium customers. Both companies operate 206 km of very high voltage network, more than 3,700 km of high voltage lines and almost 7,700 km of low voltage network.  Cable lines form major part of the network. Transformation of procured electricity is carried out in  110/22 kV distribution stations.

The companies of the PRE Group rank among modern companies that are aware of their responsibility to the environment and strive to constantly improve the conditions of its protection.

Measures are continuously adopted as part of the environmental policy essential for preventing new environmental problems. This particularly concerns the exchange of older oil filled transformers for hermetically sealed ones or without an oil tank, so-called dry type transformers. This reduces the risk of contamination of surface and ground waters to a minimum in the event of an accident. When reconstructing overhead lines, special types of brackets are used which prevent a bird from perching and being injured. The overhead lines are transferred to the cable network if possible.

A functional system has been created at the workplaces of the PRE Group for the sorting and collection of dangerous and other waste.

Environmental Care Policy

The following commitments to environmental protection have been within the company:

  • observe legislation concerning all areas of the environment; devote maximum attention to new regulations and apply them in the Company,
  • observe the sorting of communal waste including dangerous components, sorting of all other types of waste and packaging, and also the sorting of selected types of waste which can be taken back free of charge,
  • consistently observe the system of handling dangerous substances and waste; deliver this waste to firms authorised for its disposal,
  • conduct systematic training of employees handling dangerous chemical substances and preparations in terms of health and environmental protection,
  • raise awareness among employees through a system of imparted information of the need for environmental protection and efforts of its constant improvement.

In Prague, February 2011

Pavel Elis
Chief Executive Officer  
Pražská energetika, a. s.
Milan Hampl
PREdistribuce, a. s.