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PRE Ombudsman

Dear Customers,

I appreciate the fact that you are customers of one of the PRE Group companies.

I am convinced that our employees exert all efforts to meet your justified requirements.

However we live in a world which also brings with it the fact that we all occasionally make mistakes. If the one making the mistake is a PRE employee then this unfortunately means there is an unsatisfied customer on the other side.

As the classics say: “To err is human, but only the fool persists in his fault”. You must believe that the PRE Group is sincere in making sure that there are as few mistakes on our side as possible and if mistakes do occur then they are rectified quickly and effectively.

However sometimes it is hard to reach a result that both sides can agree on. There could be many reasons, and very often it could be a misunderstanding or wrong understanding of some facts on one or the other side. Disputes then get worse and customers opt for the next instance in order to assert their rights, are exposed to unnecessary stress and their dissatisfaction with PRE grows.

As of 1 January 2014 the PRE Group established the office of ombudsman. The ombudsman’s task is to settle potential disputes between customers and the companies of the PRE Group and look for a solution acceptable to both sides. I hope that by taking this step we will contribute to increasing customer satisfaction.

Dear customers, you can contact me whenever you think that the requirement or complaint you enforced at any of the companies of the PRE Group was wrongly assessed and settled.

I am convinced that the employees of the PRE Group proceed in accordance with legislation and PRE’s internal regulations when settling customers’ complaints. However some extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions. It is necessary to look at a matter from a different angle and assess all circumstances in a different light – and this is what I will genuinely try to do when handling your pleas.

This website was created to guide you through the options of when and how to contact the ombudsman to examine your case.

I will deal with each of your suggestions with all due care, investigate and objectively judge all the circumstances.

I also greatly welcome your feedback. There is always room for improvement and your suggestions can significantly contribute to this.

Diana Stuchlíková
PRE Group Ombudsman

Contact: ombudsman@pre.cz