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Social Responsibility

In view of its commercial and social activities Pražská energetika is a part of the daily life of our Capital City and donorship gives its business a human dimension.

We perceive sponsorship and philanthropy as an integral part of the activities of our Company, and therefore we systematically engage in this activity in the long-term. Support for selected big events, organisations, festivals, cultural and sports ventures provides us with the chance to enter the lives of many people and promote the good name of PRE. Of course we devote ourselves more and more often to patronage in areas such as charity, healthcare, social care, culture, education and the environment; and because we are Pražská energetika, we are mostly interested in projects that emerge in the region of our operations.

We select supported projects carefully and try to create long-term partnerships. We donate funds for specific objectives such as the acquisition of medical devices, repair and maintenance of buildings or payment of part of operating costs. We want to be informed and thoroughly check what the money we donate is used for.

Each application for support which is delivered to PRE is assessed three times in the Company. The main decision is made by the Company’s Board of Directors then the implementation of the approved cooperation becomes the task of the Public Relations Department.